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Winning Hyperloop design revealed by MIT engineers

BBC Technology – Designs for passenger pods that could travel through airless tubes have been revealed by a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Hyperloop is a conceptual […]

Greatest Poems Ever Written

Epoch Times – Evan Mantyk reports: For your education, enjoyment, and (perhaps) excitement, this is a list of the greatest poems originally written in the English language. It is presented […]

2015 was Hottest Year on Record

Bloomberg Business – To say that 2015 was hot is an understatement. The average recorded temperature across the surface of the planet was so far above normal that it set […]

Inequality and Modernization

Foreign Affairs – Ronald Inglehart writes: During the past century, economic inequality in the developed world has traced a massive U-shaped curve—starting high, curving downward, then curving sharply back up […]

Kenny’s Window: A Book Review

brainpickings – Maria Popova writes: “I don’t write for children,” Maurice Sendak (June 10, 1928–May 8, 2012) told Stephen Colbert in his last on-camera appearance. “I write—and somebody says, ‘That’s […]

What Does a Grateful Brain Look Like?

The Daily Good – Adam Hoffman writes: Evidence is mounting that a team at the University of Southern California has shed light on the neural nuts and bolts of gratitude […]

Go be reconciled with thy Brother (2015)

Timothy Wilken writes: In his sermon on the mount, Jesus of Nazareth taught: “Love our enemies, do good to them that hate us, bless them that curse us, and pray […]