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Finding Our Way

Future Positive is pleased to announce the association of Barry Carter. Barry is the author of Infinite Wealth and a rising star in the emerging field of synergic science. In […]

Energy-binding, Space-binding, and Time-binding

Timothy Wilken Three Classes of Life In 1921, Alfred Korzybski, a mathematician and scientist, classified Life with precise and accurate operational definitions of plants, animals, and humans. He defined the […]

Helping Others to Help Us…

Timothy Wilken We are Time-binders We possess the power to understand and through that understanding have come to control and dominate planet Earth. The power of Time-binding is to understand—to […]

Welcome – Introduction

The following welcome-introduction was written in 1999. Timothy Wilken Hello, I am a physician and scientist. I want a better world for myself, and my family. I want a future […]