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Great Website !!!

By accident, I came across Kyle Kowalski’s website, WWW.SLOWW.CO when I was searching for a PDF copy of Maslow’s The Farther Reaches of Human Nature, and had the great pleasure of finding […]

Serious Times

Timothy Wilken writes: CRISIS – The Chinese word for crisis is written by joining two ideograms together. These two ideograms, when joined together, make up the Chinese word crisis. When […]

Human History Series

This series was created in 2002, March 7—14. The American Revolution – The Birth of Institutional Neutrality The Rest of the World – Where Adversity Rules The Past is Prologue […]

Explaining Synergic Organization Series

This series was created in 2002, March 11—14. Discovery in North Carolina Heterarchy – The Secret of Japan, Inc. Defining Ortegrity ORTEGRITY – The Structure of Winning

We Can All Win! Chapters Series

This series was created in 2003, January 27—February 3. Understanding Life Three Ways of Relating The Relationship Continuum Three Classes of Life Human Neutrality INTERdependence is the Human Condition What […]

List of Series

2001, November 5—15, Towards the Gift Tensegrity 2002, January 23—30, Redefining the Future 2002, March 7—14, Human History Series 2002, March 11—14, Explaining Synergic Organization 2002, October 5—20, SafeEARTH Series […]

Towards the Gift Tensegrity Series

This series was created in 2001, November 5—15. A Spiritual Basis – Towards the Gift Tensegrity (1) Beyond Capitalism – Towards the Gift Tensegrity (2) Needs & Actions – Towards […]

SafeEARTH Series

This series was created in 2002, October 5—20. Read Timothy Wilken’s SafeEARTH series. See: 1) Beyond Crime and Punishment, 2) Synergic Containment: Protecting Children, 3) Synergic Containment: Science & Rationale, […]


Synergic suppositories to get your thoughts moving! –Dex “We know how to solve our problems, we just don’t use what we know.” —Alfred Korzybski

Protecting the Future Series

This series was created in 2002, October 20—29. Beyond Propertywas Taking the Moral High Ground Requires that We Face the Truth Wealthy Beyond Our Dreamswas Believing the Truthplus A Synergic […]