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Welcome Back !!!

To the Friends of SynEARTH, As of November 25th, 2015, I am pleased to welcome back our many readers. We are finally back on-line after a hacker attack took us […]

Wealth Versus Money

As you may have noticed our human economy does not work very well. In fact, it barely works at all. One of our major problems is that we humans mistake […]

Why does ISIS hate the West so much?

This article was forwarded to me this morning by good and wise friend. I realized it was an important read.  … Re-posted from the August 13, 2014 edition of THE […]

An Open Letter to GAIA

Whether serendipity or synchronicity, I happened on to the writings of today’s author with a single click. … I am so glad I did. I have sampled only a few […]

What is the Sound of One Person Loving?

I am reading a wonderful new book called Resurrecting Jesus by Adyashanti this morning. He was discussing the Zen koan: “What is the sound of one hand clapping? Curiosity led me […]

I Still Believe That We Shall Overcome

Malcom Jones writing in The Daily Beast today: Martin Luther King’s gifts were manifest. He was an inspired leader, a galvanizing orator, and a brilliant polemicist and prose writer. But […]

Clear and Present Danger

Timothy Wilken Human intelligence develops over time and can achieve four levels of understanding. We start with PERCEPTION then develop and sometimes master CONCEPTION, then develop and sometimes master MECHANISM […]

Is the Universe Friendly?

Wisdom is where you find it. …  This morning’s article was originally published in the magazine Common Ground in 2004. Geoff Olson Albert Einstein once said the most important question […]