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I Still Believe That We Shall Overcome

Malcom Jones writing in The Daily Beast today: Martin Luther King’s gifts were manifest. He was an inspired leader, a galvanizing orator, and a brilliant polemicist and prose writer. But […]

Clear and Present Danger

Timothy Wilken Human intelligence develops over time and can achieve four levels of understanding. We start with PERCEPTION then develop and sometimes master CONCEPTION, then develop and sometimes master MECHANISM […]

Is the Universe Friendly?

Wisdom is where you find it. …  This morning’s article was originally published in the magazine Common Ground in 2004. Geoff Olson Albert Einstein once said the most important question […]

Honeybees and Consequence

Timothy Wilken The animals have perceptual intelligence. It is perceptual intelligence that allows the animals to survive in the fight or flight world of adversarity and to adapt to their […]

The Public Bank Solution: San Francisco

Ellen Brown When the Occupiers took an interest in moving San Francisco’s money into a city-owned bank in 2011, it was chiefly on principle, in sympathy with the nationwide Move […]

Nature Has a Mind of Its Own

This morning’s author is one of my favorite scientific philosophers. This article is re-posted from the Nov/Dec 2010 Issue of Tikkun. Christian de Quincey The great American psychologist William James […]

Are Electric Cars the Future?

Donald B. Halcom, Ph.D. The automobile industry is undergoing a revolution. This is about the new Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf all electric automobiles. I thought it would be […]