Why adopt Radio Userland early?

Timothy Wilken

I have been using Radio Userland for a few days now. I continue to find it exciting and powerful. I am not trying to use it for anything in particular. I am just running it and exploring what it does. What I am finding is that this is a powerful ground breaking program that does something totally new. When you first download and start it up, what it does and why you would want to use it may not be apparent to you. Those individuals who adopt it early will find themselves to be pioneers, but like all pioneers they have the opportunity to be ahead of the crowd. Like any new ground breaking program, time will be required to learn and understand this new metaphor. It does many things differently than other programs, but as you begin to use and understand it, you will discover that Radio’s way is often easier. If you approach Radio the way you did your first Word Processor, your first Graphics program, your first Spread Sheet Program, you will be greatly rewarded. This is not a new version of something you are familiar with. This is something totally new. Radio Userland is also designed to work especially well with Manila websites. Future Positive is a Manila website. The only program I use to edit and design this website is a web browser. Radio Userland is many things one of which is a Web Browser. I can use Radio Userland to edit and write my manila site. You can also start your own Manila site for free. I highly recommend that you do. Manila sites do not require Radio Userland, but they are greatly benefited from its power. In an earlier piece, I called Radio Userland a powerful new tool for community. Used with Manila you have two powerful new tools for community. The future will require that humans work together. It will require Co-Operation, Co-Action and Co-Laboration. There are no separate solutions. Dave Winer and his associates at Userland are building tools for Community. Take a look and then download them today!