Another Voice for Community

Timothy Wilken

Bernie Slepkov is an interesting human. He describes himself as a self-made Societal Transformationalist. He is committed to co-Operative solutions and involved in many positive activities. In his own words:

“A transition from past mistakes to creating sustainable communities is rapidly changing all our models of life and work. At the heart of societal transformation is our common ground to insuring a higher quality of life and work for ourselves and those around us.

“Renewed spirits of collaboration are emerging from the soul of innovating networks, learning communities, environments and living organizations – new models of socioeconomic development based on such principles as complexity and systems thinking.

“By HARNESSING CHAOS AND STEWARDING CHANGE together, we can learn to create something better for ourselves and our children.

“Today’s necessities are the modern mothers of social invention – feeding entrepreneurial phoenixes hungry to fill societal needs. Assisting these driven social entrepreneurs are new breeds of social investors, venture philanthropists and granting foundations knowing that the gaps between the “haves” and “have-nots” must be closed before stable, sustainable economies can be created.

DreamTEAMS Internationalรด was envisioned by myself, Bernie Slepkov of Niagara Ontario, as a team-based means of stimulating such socioeconomic developments in local, global and even virtual communities.”

In his capacity as a columnist for the Canadian online entrepreneurial magazine SEEN, he has written an interesting article entitled Vocation:Your Life’s Autopilot. In the article he interviews an individual he calls a champion for change Mr. Flemming Funch of the New Civilization Network. As preparation this and future columns Bernie interviewed me over the internet. My reaction to Bernie’s essay on vocation can be read at this link. He went on to ask me what I saw as the Catalysts for Change now working within our society. My answer and his follow up questions can be read here. Thanks Bernie for your interest and support.