Gross Universal Cash Heist

Timothy Wilken

“The world will be saved by individuals of integrity freely joining.” Buckminster Fuller wrote these words in April of 1983, just a few months before his death in what was to be his last book Grunch* of Giants, there he explained that the rules of our current society were all about making money. Making money is the highest value in our society. We rank all companies and individuals by how much money they make. The values of a society determine the structure and behavior of that society. He coined the word *Grunch to stand for Gross Universal Cash Heist. Fuller explains:

“What is blocking humanity from finding a solution is the Grunch of Giants–the nation-states, the organized religions, the military, the giant corporations–all institutions and organizations that have a vested interest in separation and scarcity.”

He implored his fellow humans to act as individuals. That finding a solution world rely on “individuals of integrity freely joining” together. In a synergic society, the highest value is helping others. It would rank organizations and individuals by how many other humans their actions helped. Buckminster Fuller was one of the founding pioneers of synergic science. What brings him to mind is the publication of a new book of his writings. If you haven’t read him this is a good place to start. The book is called Buckminster Fuller: Anthology For The New Millennium.

“FullerBook” A great source of information on his life and work is the Buckminster Fuller Institute.