Preparing for the Future

Timothy Wilken

The future is going to be different. It will require building community. Your survival will depend on the network of friends and colleagues you build by helping others. As Barry Carter explains:

“Starting today you must have a completely new outlook on life. You must be responsible. You can no longer depend on employers, unions, or governments to look out for your economic well-being, to provide you with a job, retirement, social security, health care, or a safety net.

“From this day forward you and your global network of partners are responsible for creating work and wealth for yourselves. If you have no network you have no security. All of the rules have changed. The guarantees and promises made to you by Industrial Age society are null and void and will be breached.”

Dave Winer and his community of associates are in process of completing a powerful new tool of community. It is called Radio Userland. I recommend that you download this program and try it. It is currently available for trial without cost or obligation. I have only used it a few days, but am delighted and amazed. Check it out!