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What is the Internet for?

Timothy Wilken In 1984, I imagined a future where information and knowledge flowed from home computer-communication terminals like water from a tap, electricity from a plug or gas from a […]

Enjoy this last day of the holiday

Timothy Wilken Happy New Year, and enjoy this last day of the holiday. In keeping with our pledge of focusing on the positive. I would like to direct your attention […]

Dave Winer of Scripting News

Timothy Wilken This week between holidays is an excellent time to reflect about how we can make our lives work better in 2001. Personally, I will seek to enlarge my […]

Beyond Democracy

Timothy Wilken In today’s world, it is assumed without question that majority rule democracy is the best way to organize humanity. To even offer a criticism of majority rule democracy […]

We must ask serious questions

by Barry Carter As we elect various politicians year after year and our problems persist decade after decade we must ask serious questions: 1) What is wrong? 2) Does it […]

Introducing Barry Carter

Timothy Wilken Working as change agent on the front lines of organizations of various sizes, Barry Carter has spent the past twenty years as employee, manager, engineer, consultant and business […]