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Corporate Oligarchy

Timothy Wilken Our present world is very much dominated by the corporate world. We are currently locked into the Neutral paradigm where “Making Money is the First, Last, and only […]

Working Together

Timothy Wilken Synergy means working together–creating together as in Co-Creation–laboring together as in Co-Laboration–acting together as in Co-Action and operating together as in Co-Operation. The goal of synergic union is […]

Seeking Synergic Solutions

Timothy Wilken As readers of recent columns on this site know, I think the most critical problem facing humanity today is the fossil fuel crisis. For those seeking a comprehensive […]

Energy Crisis Deepens!

Timothy Wilken The public and the government are waking up to the news that we are facing a major crisis of energy supply. As those with this knowledge begin looking […]

Gross Universal Cash Heist

Timothy Wilken “The world will be saved by individuals of integrity freely joining.” Buckminster Fuller wrote these words in April of 1983, just a few months before his death in […]

Another Voice for Community

Timothy Wilken Bernie Slepkov is an interesting human. He describes himself as a self-made Societal Transformationalist. He is committed to co-Operative solutions and involved in many positive activities. In his […]

Why adopt Radio Userland early?

Timothy Wilken I have been using Radio Userland for a few days now. I continue to find it exciting and powerful. I am not trying to use it for anything […]

Preparing for the Future

Timothy Wilken The future is going to be different. It will require building community. Your survival will depend on the network of friends and colleagues you build by helping others. […]

Understanding the Coming Future

Timothy Wilken With the publication of Infinite Wealth, Barry Carter has established himself as a voice on the leading edge of the synergic paradigm. The synergic paradigm is a place […]

Why are children killing children?

Timothy Wilken This week another young American teenager took a gun and killed his classmates. This is becoming so common that I expect soon it won’t even warrant news reporting. […]