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We Live in a Pivotal Time in History

Barry Carter writes: Hello Friends, Colleagues and Acquaintances: As many of you know, from my book Infinite Wealth, I believe that we will all be partners in businesses in the […]

Disseminated Networks and Desktop Websites

Timothy Wilken I recommend Dave Winer’s article on Desktop Websites. This idea is in alignment with my discussion of Disseminated Networks in What is a ‘knowing’ utility. Co-Operation – Dave […]

It came from Outer Space

Timothy Wilken This message is being beamed from my home in Carmel, California to the Telstar 7 satellite 22,000 miles above the earth. From there it is beamed down to […]

Infinite Wealth Insights

Timothy Wilken “In 1980 Alvin Toffler published the classic book The Third Wave. In it he showed how we are creating a new civilization as we transition from the Industrial […]

Late Sunday Nite

Timothy Wilken I had a great weekend. The first five chapters of UnCommon Science are now available for viewing at The Time-binding Trust.

What is the Internet for?

Timothy Wilken In 1984, I imagined a future where information and knowledge flowed from home computer-communication terminals like water from a tap, electricity from a plug or gas from a […]

Enjoy this last day of the holiday

Timothy Wilken Happy New Year, and enjoy this last day of the holiday. In keeping with our pledge of focusing on the positive. I would like to direct your attention […]

Dave Winer of Scripting News

Timothy Wilken This week between holidays is an excellent time to reflect about how we can make our lives work better in 2001. Personally, I will seek to enlarge my […]