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Danger and Opportunity

Timothy Wilken “The Chinese word for crisis is written by joining two ideograms together. When these ideograms, are presented separately they stand for two different ideas or concepts. The first […]

Synergic Consumption

Timothy Wilken The following is an excerpt from a new book being readied for publication. It is provided to you in synergic trust. Trust is not a new word for […]

Who is Daniel Quinn?

Timothy Wilken A few months ago, I came across a reference to Quinn in a General Semantics paper I found on the internet. This GS author valued Quinn so highly […]

What is a Time-binding Trust?

Timothy Wilken I spend this weekend working on my website. It seems that the success of most projects is in the details. Recently I read some interesting papers by Jay […]

We Live in a Pivotal Time in History

Barry Carter writes: Hello Friends, Colleagues and Acquaintances: As many of you know, from my book Infinite Wealth, I believe that we will all be partners in businesses in the […]

Disseminated Networks and Desktop Websites

Timothy Wilken I recommend Dave Winer’s article on Desktop Websites. This idea is in alignment with my discussion of Disseminated Networks in What is a ‘knowing’ utility. Co-Operation – Dave […]

It came from Outer Space

Timothy Wilken This message is being beamed from my home in Carmel, California to the Telstar 7 satellite 22,000 miles above the earth. From there it is beamed down to […]

Infinite Wealth Insights

Timothy Wilken “In 1980 Alvin Toffler published the classic book The Third Wave. In it he showed how we are creating a new civilization as we transition from the Industrial […]

Late Sunday Nite

Timothy Wilken I had a great weekend. The first five chapters of UnCommon Science are now available for viewing at The Time-binding Trust.