Be Love –> Do Good –> Have Everything

Timothy Wilken

What do I mean by the phrase to Have Everything?

It is simple really, if you choose to BE unconditional LOVE, if you choose to DO only GOOD, then you can TRUST that others will choose to insure that you HAVE EVERYTHING that you want and need.

Within a synergic community or what I call commUnity, humans seek to have WIN-WIN relationships with each other. We synergists believe in helping each other. We recognize that humans are mutually INTERdependent. We know that sometimes each one of us will need the help of others, and sometimes others will need our help.

We synergists choose to trust each other, and work together to solve our problems. We synergists see other humans as family, as brothers and sisters.

Synergy means working togetheroperating together as in co-Operation, laboring together as in co-Laboration, acting together as in co-Action, creating together as in co-Creation, and thinking together as in co-Intelligence.

The goal of a synergic union is to accomplish a larger or more difficult task than can be accomplished by individuals working separately. We are committed to a world where I win, you win, others win and the Earth wins. Win-Win-Win-Win.

We believe there are three types of humans to be found in our present world. Which type of human you are depends on what you believe about how the world works. What are your core beliefs?

Adversaries believe that there is not enough for everyone and only the physically strong will survive. They believe humans are coercively dependent upon others, and they best understand the language of force.

Neutralists believe that there is just enough for everyone, but only if you work hard enough and take care of yourself. They believe humans are financially INdependent and should be self-sufficient unless they are too lazy or defective. They best understand the language of money.

A new type of human is currently emerging.

Synergists believe that there is more than enough for everyone but only if we work together and act responsibly. They believe humans are INTERdependent and can only obtain sufficiency by working together as commUnity. Synergists best understand the language of love.

But, to be successful in our present world, the synergist must understand all three languages and know when to use them. Synergists must sometimes use the language of force, and sometimes the language of money; it depends on whom they are talking to. However, when synergists are seeking allies—when synergists are seeking to build commUnity—they must speak the language of love.

Synergists believe that you should, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” What is it that most of us want others to do unto us? Synergic scientists answer this question as follows: Help and support others, as you would wish them to help and support you. Or, more simply, “Treat others the way they want to be treated.”

Synergists are trying to heal the wounds inflicted by those who don’t understand how the world could work. This then is the essential challenge to the synergists. Can we work together and act responsibly in time to save ourselves on this planet? … Only by helping each other.

To help us help each other, I have designed a gifting help exchange system for use within a CommUnity. It is neither a barter system nor a “tit for tat” neutral exchange system. Giving within a CommUnity is not an act of charity, or philanthropic gesture.

It is an act of SYNERGY —an act of LOVE. I give to others because I value them, and want them to prosper within my community. I TRUST all the members of my community. I believe that when they see others within our community in need, they will choose to help them. I choose to help others and know that there will be times when I will need help, and I trust that when those times come, my community will choose to help me with their gifts.

The Synergic Rules

1)    Do Only Good.

2)    Be as kind to yourself as you are to others within the commUnity. Act with responsible generosity.

Be as generous to others as you can be, but remember to take good care of yourself and of your family. Do what feels right, but be responsible in your offers of time and resources.

3)    If you become a member of a commUnity, you will always have a dual role in the synergic gifting help exchange system of the commUnity. You will be both a GIFTor and a GIFTee.

You will register your offer of GIFTS in the form of goods, services, expertise and spirit to others within the commUnity in your role as GIFTor.

You will also register your WISHES for GIFTS in the form of goods, services, expertise and spirit that you would like to receive from other members within the commUnity in your role as a GIFTee.

The GIFTor is always the active partner in a synergic help exchange. GIVING is a verb. In contrast, the role of GIFTee is always the passive partner of a synergic help exchange. Receiving a GIFT is passive. A GIFT is a noun.

4)    As a GIFTee, your list of WISHES is available to all potential GIFTors. Those GIFTors who are willing to help you will make a formal OFFER of Help.

5)    As a GIFTor, you decide when, where, and to whom you will offer your GIFT. All GIFTing is voluntary.

6)    As a GIFTee, you will be notified when an offer of a GIFT has been made to you, then you will have the opportunity to look at a description of the offered GIFT, and the history, profile of the GIFTor including comments by other members concerning exchanges with the offering GIFTor. Synergic exchange is always voluntary. As a GIFTee, you may accept or decline the offered GIFT. All synergic exchanges are voluntary—both in the giving and receiving.

This is a brief sketch of the synergic help exchange system that I have designed as an alternative to our current neutral MARKET. It was designed for synergists who accept and embrace human INTERdependence. There is much more to come. …

Be Love, Do Good, Have Everything,

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