Working Together

Timothy Wilken

Synergy means working together–creating together as in Co-Creation–laboring together as in Co-Laboration–acting together as in Co-Action and operating together as in Co-Operation. The goal of synergic union is to accomplish a larger or more difficult task by working together than can be accomplished by working separately.

We invite individuals of integrity to join us in solving those problems presently threatening our human society. We are seeking those humans committed to co-Creating a world where I win, you win, others win and the Earth wins, win-win-win-win.

If we wish to make the Earth safe for ourselves and our children, we must solve our problems. But today’s problems are much too large to be solved by any one individual, no matter how talented or brilliant he or she might be. We need a community of minds whose mission is to solve humanity’s big problems through co-Creation, co-Laboration, co-Action and co-Operation. It is a complete waste of time to expect big government, big business, or big religion to help us. They are the problem. They are invested in a model of society that depends on separation and scarcity. We need individuals of integrity to join with us to build a new model of society that generates co-Operation and abundance.

Working together, we humans can solve our problems. We can organize a synergic thinktank to focus on those problems. We can use a system of “Open co-Laboration” modeled after the “Open Source Software Community” used to create Linux. This is well described by Eric Steven Raymond in his seminal paper The Cathedral and the Bazaar.

This website will act as a virtual meeting place to co-Ordinate a growing group of Co-Laborators who will join together in proposing, defining, and refining solution candidates created to address various aspects of the problems facing humanity.

The community of minds will seek Synergic Solutions .

Synergic means win-win-win-win. I win, you win, others win and Earth wins. And, Solutions are the compliments to problems. The plural term Solutions was chosen because there will never be any one solution to the large problems we seek to solve. There will be many small solutions that will work together to form a whole solution that is much larger than the sum of the parts.

All decisions in the Synergic Solutions projects will be made using Synergic Consensus. This is an advanced method of decision making beyond democracy.

Our developing solutions candidates can be viewed by the public, but the public cannot post to this site until they apply and demonstrate they can make helpful contributions. Anyone may apply to join the development group by simply proposing a way to make a developing solution candidate work better, or identifying a problem with a developing solution candidate, or repairing an already identified problem. In other words, help us help you.

To join us as a Synergic Solutions co-Laborator simply make a suggestion as to how we can improve a solution candidate. Your suggestions will be reviewed by a Synergic Solutions co-Ordinator. If your suggestions improve our solution candidates, they will be incorporated into our developing models. Suggestions that are inappropriate and do not help the project will be screened out. Synergic Solutions is a Manila Site and co-Laborators and co-Ordinators will be able to access it using their web browsers or by using the new tool Radio Userland.

The quality and power of our developing solutions candidates will grow as the best suggestions are incorporated into our model solutions. Any “bugs” in these solution candidates will be fixed or removed. When no more improvements can be found and all bugs have been repaired, the solution candidate will mature to graduate status. At that point it will be promoted from the Candidate list to the ACTION list.

Solutions on the ACTION list will be made completely available to the public, and the public will be encouraged to begin using those solutions immediately. The solutions will be released as TrustWare and protected by TrustMark. This will open up a revenue stream for the project which will benefit Synergic Solutions, the development teams, our users, humanity and the Earth. Again, win-win-win-win.

With your help, we can develop viable solutions to some of the largest problems challenging our species. As we post our solutions on the internet, humanity will beat a path to our door. What better way to attract individuals of integrity than by solving those problems that threaten everyone on the planet and for which no one else has an answer.

Bound through synergy,


Getting started:

Hopefully, our projects here at CommUnity of Minds will attract an ever-growing group of individuals of integrity committed to solving many of the problems threatening our human species. But this, like all journeys, will begin with a single step.

After much thought and reflection,  I propose we focus our initial attention on solving one of the largest problems presently threatening humanity. That problem is the fossil fuel energy crisis and I designate it as Problem # 1.

“We must all hang together,
or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

–Attributed to Benjamin Franklin at the signing of the Declaration of Independence.