Corporate Oligarchy

Timothy Wilken

Our present world is very much dominated by the corporate world. We are currently locked into the Neutral paradigm where “Making Money is the First, Last, and only Rule”.

In this paradigm the Rule of Politics is One Dollar -> One Vote. This is well explained by Jay Hanson in his essays on economics:

“In 1997, the Chinese lobbyist Johnny Chung observed: “I see the White House is like a subway, you have to put in coins to open the gates.” Millions of Americans have made the same observation: American politics is based on money: One dollar, one vote.”

You can read more of Jay’s writings on “neutral” Economics at 1, 2, 3. Robert Reed, a reader of this website, writes:

“There is one evil that we really do need to address, and that is corporate power. This nation is becoming a corporate oligarchy, if it hasn’t already. It seems that this past election might have signalled the end of democracy here in the US, and the beginning of a system of corporate totalitarianism. The corporations buy everyone who they want in office to extend their own power. Bush’s rejection of the Kyoto Treaty, and several other actions have shown the world that America is not ruled by the people. America is regularly hit with many demonstrations, as with the rest of the world, but they have zero effect. The reason is that the corporations control the mass media, which means that they have control over a large segment of our information.

“Today, we have a corporatocracy. We need to implement some form of synergism as soon as possible. (Synergism is the term used in synergic science for synergic economics. An exchange system where all parties win.)

“Today’s society functions by the control of information. The corporations control our information because they control our politicians by buying them, they control our information because they have bought the large media companies, and they control our information because of copyright combined with the idea of intellectual property and closed-source platform. In order to battle corporate rule, we cannot take control of information like them, as we will become just like them. Instead, we need to liberate the information.”

I agree with Robert, however I think it is even worse than it appears. The last election did not signal the end of Democracy in our society, Democracy ended long ago. See my essay Beyond Democracy.

The secret to disarming the Corporations is simple. Don’t buy their products. This is one of the new tools in development for Synergic Solutions.