What is a Time-binding Trust?

Timothy Wilken

I spend this weekend working on my website. It seems that the success of most projects is in the details. Recently I read some interesting papers by Jay W. Forrester. Jay is a Systems Scientist. He has many intelligent things to say. One thing he says is that we always underestimate how long it will take to accomplish things in the short term, because we overlook the details. He says equally valid is that we overestimate how long it will take to accomplish things in the long term, because we overlook the synergic effects. This weekend I was going to fix a few problems on my websites. I certainly underestimated the time it took to attend to the details. However, the result appears worthwhile. Here is a small sample: Synergic Trusts–def–> Wealth provided as a gift. The Life Trust includes our bodies as provided by God, Nature, and our Parents in addition to all other forms of life. This includes the plants and animals provided by God and Nature. The Earth Trust includes the Earth itself and all Natural Resources provided by God and Nature. And, the Time-binding Trust includes all the accumulated knowing and technology from the mental and physical labor of all those humans who lived and died before us. Wealth is that which is valuable to humans. Most of what is valuable to most humans are contained in these trusts. And, perhaps most interesting Trusts are not property. More