Welcome – Introduction

The following welcome-introduction was written in 1999.

Timothy Wilken

Hello, I am a physician and scientist. I want a better world for myself, and my family. I want a future world that is truly civilized – a world that is free of hate and violence.

I want to live in a world where you can leave your home unlocked and not fear for your possessions – a world where you can allow your children to play with their friends anywhere in the community, and not fear for their safety.

I want a world without fear. I want a safe earth.

However, today the earth is not safe, and the probability that the existent political-economic order can make it safe is zero. Today, humanity is plagued by war, crime and poverty. Consider the following facts:

Plagued by war. “There are currently over 79 armed conflicts going on around the world, 65 of which are in the developing world. There have been over 123 million people killed in 149 wars since World War II.” (1)

Plagued by crime. Despite the fact that as of “midyear 1998, the United States’ prisons and jails incarcerated an estimated 1,802,496 ‘criminals’”, in the year 1997, “the number of violent crimes – murder, manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault – and property crimes – burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft – reported to the police departments in the United States totaled 13,175,070.” (2)

Plagued by poverty. “Globally between 13 and 18 million people die each year due to starvation. That is nearly as many people dying each day as Americans who died in the entire Vietnam War. More than 800 million people are considered malnourished by modern health standards. More than a billion people lack access to any health care. There are 1.75 billion people without adequate drinking water. A billion people are without adequate housing, and 100 million are homeless.” (3)

Humanity has been plagued by war, crime, and poverty throughout recorded history, and somehow we have muddled through and managed to survive. However, I don’t want us to continue muddling through hoping to survive. I want us to understand ourselves and build a safe earth for ourselves and our children.

I know things can change.

Slavery was once a fact of life in the United States and now it is gone. Child labor was once common in England and now that is gone . Things can change.

In 1972, I committed myself to finding the necessary knowledge to help change our world. By 1974, I was devoting nearly all of my free time searching for a better world. The more I searched the clearer it became that the positive future I desired would require that we humans give up violence – that we humans eliminate adversary behavior.

As I studied human behavior, I began to see violence as a disease. And one that clearly caused as much pain and suffering as any other disease that had ever plagued humankind. As a physician and scientist, I knew that when you truly understood a phenomena you could learn to control it.

The history of science and the story of human progress is one of understanding and control. If we could learn to understand human behavior, we could learn to control it. I knew from my study of medical history that the discoverers of cures possessed a thorough understanding of both the disease process they were trying to cure and the organ systems effected by that process. If I aspired to find a cure for human violence, I would have to understand both the adversary process that generates violence and the human mind. Only then could I hope to create an effective treatment for adversary behavior

My search for a cure lead me to read thousands of books, to converse with dozens of scientists, and to intensely study many disciplines. My focus finally settled on studying human behavior, human relationships, and human intelligence. Slowly, I began to master this developing new science which for want of a better term I simply called “humanology”.

Today, I bring good news. The understanding necessary for humankind to solve all of its problems exists today – right now in 2002. Until very recently much of this understanding was compartmentalized within the minds of a few individuals scattered over the planet. In the past twenty-six years, I have identified, located, studied, and finally unified and integrated that critical understanding into a single database. I am now making that integrated database available to all humanity.

In my search, I found a number of exciting and promising discoveries, and have been fortunate to make a few of my own. My study of human intelligence led me to the discovery that there are four levels of ‘knowing’ available to the human mind-brain. I designate these four levels of ‘knowing’ as: information, knowledge, wisdom, and oneness. Therefore, when I use the term ‘knowing’ it is in a larger sense that includes all four of these levels.

We humans can solve our problems. But we will have to use all the ‘knowing’ that our power of time-binding can produce. Future Positive and the SynEARTH.network websites will present everything that I and other synergic scientists have learned – all the ‘knowing’ necessary to understand our human crisis and to control it. All that is necessary for the creation of a ‘positive’ future – for the creation of a safe earth.

While most of today’s media focuses on ‘problems’ in our culture, Future Positive will focus on ‘solutions’. I believe in the positive potential of humankind. My belief rests on the premise that human ‘nature’ is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but rather that human ‘knowing’ is either informed or uninformed, knowledgeable or ignorant, wise or certain, unified or chaotic.

The ‘positive’ potential of our species stems from our unique human ability to understand, and once understanding to control. If our species is to solve its problems – if we are to transcend our crisis – if we are to cure our violence – we must give up the ‘adversary’ way of the animal.

We humans have an animal body but our mind is human. We were born in the jungle, but we can build a civilization even if we haven’t done so yet. If we humans are to solve all the problems that face us, this ‘knowing’ must be widely communicated to all members of the species. I am originating The Time-Binding Trust, a ‘knowing’ utility for the explicit purpose of encouraging the meaningful survival of our entire species and the creation of a unified human culture.

I will share all that I have personally discovered as well as the enormous amount of ‘knowing’ that I have learned from others. I believe that if enough of my fellow humans ‘understand’, we can change the world in a few short years. I have taken personal inspiration from the following definitions:

Doctor (dokïtor) {OF,L} 1. A teacher; one who gives instruction in some branch of knowledge.

Physician (fiziïshan) {ME,OF,L} 1. A student of natural science. 2. One who practices the healing art. 3. A healer; one who cures moral, spiritual, or political maladies. (4)

These definitions serve as an ideal of how physicians could relate to their fellow humans. After 28 years of searching for a better way, I am ready to share what I have learned with you. I want to teach my fellow humans the really important stuff.

How to work co-Operatively with each other. How to nurture the earth and the children of the earth. How to be a part of tomorrow’s solutions rather than part of the today’s problems.

I will seek to entice, pull, and draw out the positive potential I know exists within each and everyone of you. Those who choose to read and understand are invited to join the Time-Binders – a growing group of humans committed to building a world without war, crime and poverty.

Today, I know how to cure human violence. Today, I know how to build a human world free of war, crime and poverty. However, no matter how wise a physician I might be, as a single individual I cannot cure humanity of its violence. But, I can teach humanity how to cure itself.

My mission then is to act as teacher and distribute the critical ‘knowing’ necessary for humanity to cure itself. This web site will function as a ‘knowing’ distribution system to support my mission. I am in the process of converting this ‘knowing’ from its present repositories in print and computer archives to .html format for publication on the web. I begin with the publication of my just completed book entitled UnCommon Sense. I feel confident that with your help, we can truly make the world safe for ourselves, for our children and for all humanity.

Bound through synergy,

Timothy Wilken, M.D.

Me with two of the children I want to keep safe.

My career in Medicine now spans 30 years. In that time, I have participated in the care and treatment of over 300,000 patients. My vocation as a Synergic Scientist began in 1974. You can view my synergic science at The Time-Binding Trust. Or, contact me professionally at BIAS systems.

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