Helping Others to Help Us…

Timothy Wilken

We are Time-binders

We possess the power to understand and through that understanding have come to control and dominate planet Earth. The power of Time-binding is to understand—to observe and remember change over time. Our human ability to understand comes from the awareness of time—an awareness that allows us to experience time as sequential or linear.
Tomorrow follows today as today followed yesterday. Time always moves from the past to the present, from the present to the future.
Change is bound in time. And time-binders understand change in space because they are aware of time. Time-binding is a way of thinking—analytical thinking. The Time-binder can make decisions based on understanding changes in his environment over time. Time-binding analysis is sequential analysis—linear analysis—focused on the parts rather than the whole. Analytical thinking recognizes cause and effect. Time-binders are the masters of cause and effect.
When humans understand cause and effect, they make scientific discovery. They make knowledge. When humans make choices based on knowledge, they make inventions. They make technology. Time-binders are the creators of knowledge and technology.
And with our knowledge comes the understanding that we humans must work together. We are too powerful to be enemies. And, the world is too complex for us to ignore each other.

Our beliefs

We believe that we must learn to work together. This means we must become synergic humans. Synergy means working together—operating together as in Co-Operation—laboring together as in Co-Laboration—acting together as in Co-Action. The goal of synergic union is to accomplish a larger or more difficult task than can be accomplished by individuals working separately. We are committed to a world where I win, you win, others win and the Earth wins. Win-Win-Win-Win.
We believe there are three types of humans to be found in our present world. Which type you are depends on what you believe about how the world works.

Adversaries believe there is not enough for everyone and only the physically strong will survive. They believe humans are coercively dependent on others, and they best understand the language of force.

Neutralists believe there is enough for everyone, if only you work hard enough and take care of yourself. They believe humans are financial independent and should be self-sufficient unless they are too lazy or defective. They best understand the language of money.

And, finally a new type of human is still emerging. Synergists believe there is enough for everyone but only if we work together and act responsibly. They believe humans are interdependent and can only obtain sufficiency by working together as community. Synergists best understand the language of love.

But, to be successful in our present world, the synergist must understand all three languages and know when to use them. Synergists must sometimes use the language of force, and sometimes the language of money, it depends on whom they are talking to. However, when synergists are seeking allies—when synergists are seeking to build community—they must speak the language of love.

We believe that you should, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” What is it that most of us want others to do unto us? Synergic scientists answer this question as follows: Help and support others as you would wish them to help and support you.  Or, more simply, “Treat others the way they want to be treated.”

Synergists are trying to heal the wounds inflicted by those who don’t understand how the world could work. This then is the essential challenge to the synergists. Can we work together and act responsibly in time to save our ourselves on this planet? … Only by helping each other.

We are Volunteers

All of us are trying to make the world better for all LIFE. The pages of the are available to all humanity without charge or condition. Hopefully, those who can will decide to help us to help them. If we receive donations of time and resources, we can be more effective in our mission.

Our Sites

1) News for a Synergic Earth is a rendered News Manila Site. It is used to point to articles at other pages of the and also to point to other interesting pages we find on the internet. It is syndicated so other websites can easily subscribe to it and get our new news items whenever they are updated.
2) CommUnity of Minds is a Weblog style Manila Site. The focus is on problems and (hopefully) suggestions for solutions to those problems. Its motto is: “ We each view reality from our own unique perspective, only a community of minds can show us the truth.” So the CommUnity of Minds’ site features a lot of different writers. We don’t seek consensus at CommUnity of Minds. We seek perspective. For contributing editors this means if your article or essay is problem focused or perspective focused it will probably go here. Many of the writers featured here are not synergic scientists. Their words are published to give us the big picture of the whole. This site is thus more controversial.
3) Future Positive is also a Weblog style Manila Site. The focus here is to describe a synergic future. A future beyond crime, violence, and war. A future in harmony with Nature. The focus in on solutions. How could we do things differently to betterment of all LIFE on the planet. The purpose of the Future Positive site is to create a strong image of a sane future to pull our fellow humans. If we can define where we are going then we can draw our map on how to get there. This site also features “SAFEpassage” mechanisms. Tools we could use to help us bridge from our present adversary-neutral society to a synergic society. The focus on this site is always synergic. These three manila sites are very dynamic and they will (hopefully) change every day.
4) The Time-binding Trust is the fourth web site in the It is a static website. It only changes when new high quality content becomes available. It is where we place longer works including books. This is a repository of synergic science—the science of working together.

Co-Operation is operating together so we all win.

Helping Others to Help Us…

You help.
Others help.
You help others.
Others help you.
You help others help you.
Others help you help others.
You help others help you help others.
Others help you help others help you.

Synergic science offers us choices that can lead to a world that works for all humanity. The  will focus on presenting positive alternatives for our human future.

Thanks for for your interest. We welcome all comments.

* The Give Help to Get Help Wheel was developed after an original concept of Daniel Quinn’s first presented in his book My Ishmael.