SynEarth is Active Once More

Timothy Wilken

Earlier today, I posted a new article to Synergic Earth Network for the first time since 2016. The SynEarth Network has been online since 1999.

The Network evolved into four separate, but related websites that focused on the long-term survival of our human family—WIN – WIN – WIN – WIN—I win, You win, Life wins & the Earth wins.

The original four sites are listed below in the order of their interest to my readers.

1) News for a Synergic Earth was a World News blog. It was used to point to articles at other pages of the, and also pointed to other interesting pages we found on the internet. It was syndicated so other websites could easily subscribe to it, and get our new news items whenever they were updated.

2) CommUnity of Minds was a WordPress community blog. The focus was on problems and (hopefully) suggestions for solutions to those problems. Its motto was: “We each view reality from our own unique perspective, only a community of minds can show us the truth.” So the CommUnity of Minds site featured a lot of different writers. We didn’t seek consensus at CommUnity of Minds. We sought perspective. For contributing editors, this meant that if your article or essay was problem focused or perspective focused, it would go there. Many of the writers featured there were not synergic scientists. Their words were published to give us the big picture of the whole. This site was thus more controversial.

3) Future Positive was also a WordPress blog. The focus there was to describe a synergic future. A future beyond crime, violence, and war. A future in harmony with Nature. The focus was on solutions. How can we do things differently for the betterment of all LIFE on the planet. The purpose of the Future Positive site was to create a strong image of a sane future to pull our fellow humans. If we can define where we are going, then we can draw our map on how to get there. This site also featured “SAFEpassage” mechanisms. Tools we could use to help us bridge from our present adversary-neutral society to a synergic society. The focus on this site was always synergic. These three sites were very dynamic, and they did change nearly every day.

4) The Time-binding Trust was the fourth web site in the original It remains available as a static website. It only changes when new high quality content becomes available. It is where we place longer works including books. This is a repository of synergic science —the science of working together.

These four sites are now being reinvented and integrated into a single site. The three former WordPress sites are now categories within one WordPress site called the Synergic Earth Network.

Co-Operation is operating together so that We All Win.

Designed after an original concept of Daniel Quinn’s, first presented in his book My Ishmael.

Helping Others to Help Ourselves

You help.

Others help.

You help others.

Others help you.

You help others help you.

Others help you help others.

You help others help you help others.

Others help you help others help you.

Synergic science offers all of us choices that can lead to a world that works for all of humanity. The Synergic Earth Network will focus on presenting positive alternatives for our human future.