Email from Dan Bostan

Timothy Wilken

I received the following note a few days ago. I think you may find it interesting. The writer is associated with an organization called Human Wisdom and one of their projects called Terra City, I first mentioned Terra City here on the SynEARTH Network in 2003. What follows is an excerpt from the Mr. Bostan’s letter with some interesting links he had included:

The Terra City project is slowly following its course. In February 2009 I sent this open letter to President Obama and other leaders worldwide:

View Video  of  A World without Recessions

Meanwhile I was blessed to generate a couple of other projects that brought much joy in my life. In 2009 I created what I call “Running Indeed” – a new fitness treadmill that allows us to actually walk, jog and run on it.

This year, “The Chopper” came up – a new VAWT wind turbine aiming to a higher efficiency than any existing model.

View Video of an animated illustration of this turbine..

I wish you and everyone around you all the best!




Dan Bostan

Human Wisdom