Why are children killing children?

Timothy Wilken

This week another young American teenager took a gun and killed his classmates. This is becoming so common that I expect soon it won’t even warrant news reporting. In World War II, young American soldiers found it very difficult to kill. Less than 25% of combat troops ever fired their guns at an enemy soldier. This was a big problem for the military who had to teach young Americans how to kill. They figured it out and by the time we reached Viet Nam young American soldiers could do a better job. If humans have a natural aversion to killing, how are young American teenage boys being taught to it so easily today? Colonel David Grossman , an expert on teaching soldiers to kill, says we can thank our modern movies, television, and especially computer kill games for doing the job for us. Question of the day? Should we continue teaching our children to kill? Do the makers of the killing lessons contained within our modern movies, television programs and computer games have any responsibility for the deaths in the playgrounds? How about the manufacturers of the guns used in the murders? If we the people continue to allow big tobacco to sell cigarettes, then why should we mind a little playground death as long as somebody is making a profit. One soldier has a contrary opinion. Colonel David Grossman says, “We must stop teaching our children to kill.” You can read about his views and experience here.