Who Is My Family?

Arthur Noll

My message is that we must live in harmony with each other and with the earth. In my vision of the future, there is a combination of the very old, and the new. There are challenges for the abilities of everyone, life doesn’t have to be endlessly dull, but neither do we need to create problems for each other by so much needless aggression. People get attention by having good ideas, by being competent at given jobs. The basic values are energy efficiency and sustainability for the whole.

Jesus of Nazareth also taught harmony. Jesus was begged by his biological family to come home to them at some point. He turned and basically said, my family is out there, the ones listening to me, taking what I say seriously.

And I agree. We can actually be more closely related to strangers, than to our biological family, in the dominance of certain genes and resulting traits that matter the most to survival. So I say, these are my “biological” family, in quotes, because I have a more true biological family scattered throughout humanity, that is actually more closely related.

My own “biological” family only hears what I say as through a wall. They would give me a place to stay, want me to come back, in fact, much like Jesus was asked to come back. That is nice and I do not criticize them for that, but once there, they cannot hear my words to care for that place in a sustainable way, to look suspiciously at the market measure of things, reproduce according to the sustainable production of the land. And for that, I think they will be judged very harshly by nature, and I do not wish to be included in that judgement. I let them go their way. Those on this list, and elsewhere, who hear me clearly are my family, brothers and sisters and cousins, much more than my “biological” ones who cannot hear. I do not need to search out a “biological” member of my family, as such things are currently reckoned, to help me when I need it. Who comes when I cry for help, s/he is my cousin, my brother or sister. And I will come to them. I am doing it now, to write about these things, I am searching for them.

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