The Gifting Earth – Helping Ourselves

Happy Leonardo Day, April 15, 2013. GIFTing has been activated at The Gifting Earth. It is now fully operational. Members can now begin helping each other with gifting and sharing.


We humans are really one people—the human people. We share one earth—we breathe one air—we drink one water.

We humans need each other—sometimes I will need your help, and sometimes you will need mine.

The truth of our human oneness means that we are an interdependent species—we are at our best when we work together and trust each other.


The Gifting Earth is based on only one rule: Be Love.

If you choose to Be Love then you can only Do Good, and if you only Do Good, you will discover that your community will so value you that it will insure that you Have Everything you need and want.


The Gifting Earth is a free community website that enables its users to easily help and be helped through the gifting and sharing of: Goods, Services, Knowledge, and Compassion.

Goods are THINGS: Any material object that has value. Services are ACTIONS: Projects, Labor (skilled and unskilled), Jobs and Tasks. Knowledge is KNOWING: Expertise, Consultations, Counseling, and Advise. And, Compassion is KINDNESS: Empathy, Sympathy, Love, and Support.

So it’s easy really, just Be Love, Do Good, and Have Everything.

Imagine a world where Co-Operation has replaced Market —a world where GIFTors and GIFTees have replaced sellers and buyers.

When you become a member of The Gifting Earth (TGE), you will always have a dual role. You will be both a GIFTor and a GIFTee. In your role as a GIFTor, you will register your offer of GIFTS to others within the community. In your role as a GIFTee, you will also register your NEEDS for what you would like to receive as gifts from other members within the community. Gifts can be Goods, Services, Knowledge, or Compassion.

The GIFTor is always the ACTive partner in a gifting encounter. GIVING is a verb. The role of GIFTee is always the passive partner in a gifting encounter. Receiving is passive. A GIFT is a noun.

As a GIFTee, your list of NEEDS is available to all GIFTors. Those GIFTors who have GIFTs that match your NEEDS can make you an OFFER of Help.

Also as a GIFTee, the list of all GIFTS being offered is available to you. You can request a particular GIFT that you think might meet your needs. The GIFTor offering that GIFT will be notified that you are interested in receiving their GIFT. They will then have the opportunity to look at your membership history, profile, and comments made about your previous gifting exchanges. They are free to offer or decline to offer their GIFT to you.

As a GIFTor, you decide when, where, and to whom you will offer your GIFT. All GIFTing is voluntary. As a GIFTee, you will be notified when an offer of a GIFT has been made to you, then you will have the opportunity to take a more careful look at a description of the offered GIFT, and the history, profile, comments about the GIFTor offering the GIFT. You may accept or decline the offered GIFT. All receiving of GIFTs is voluntary. Once a GIFTor and GIFTee agree to a gifting encounter, they are provided with each others contact information so they can connect and make the exchange in the real world.

The only information that is public in the system is your name, home town and state. You have complete control over who sees your email address, your street address, and your telephone number. This private information will be given by you to those whose help you decide to accept. And, you will need similar information from those who desire your help. We are moving from Market to Co-Operation. We understand that we are INTERdependent. Sometimes I will need your help, and sometimes you will need my help. Our relationships with each other will be personal and caring. Personal and caring relationships are not anonymous.

Once the gifting is concluded, both GIFTor and GIFTee rate the gifting experience from one to five stars, and may add a paragraph of text in a comment field. This becomes a part of a both members’ exchange histories.

While GIFTing can be global, regional, or local, many GIFTs are only available locally. Since this is the initial launch of TGE, you may be the first in your community to join. And, so to increase the opportunity for helping others, and for getting help from others, you will want to invite others in your local community to join us here at TGE.

To learn more go here.