The Credo of Evolutionary Kabbalah

It is my privilege to be currently studying with Marc Gafni. Today I offer a brief taste of his writing, followed by a lesson from one of his favorite teachers Rabbi Abraham Kuk.

Marc Gafni

Evolutionary Kabbalah means that all of reality is evolving. It means that from a non-dual perspective there is no separation between the divine and all of reality. This means that all levels of reality, from matter to body to mind to spirit, are co-evolving all the time.

Moreover, in Evolutionary Kabbalah a key emergent tenet is that the human being is one of the pivoting points causing evolution to reach forward, becoming ever more advanced.

The human being’s awareness of his/her role in the process of evolution is the divine principle of evolution becoming conscious of itself.

Not only, however, does each human being participate in the process of divine evolution―that is to say, the evolution of all of reality―every human being participates uniquely in that evolution.

There is some particular task, vocation, calling, or mission that devolves upon every human being. This calling, at a particular moment in history, the Now, can be done only by that person.

If one human being is missing, if one human being does not respond to her call, then there is a dimension of divinity that remains un-evolved.

As if that were possible.

Abraham Isaac Kuk (1865-1935)

Two Types of Perfection

We perceive there to be two types of Perfection in absolute divine Perfection: One type of Perfection is so great and complete that no additional evolution is relevant to it.

If, however, there were no possibility of additional evolving whatsoever, this in and of itself would be an imperfection. For Perfection that is constantly waxing greater has great advantage and is pleasurable, and is uplifting,

For we yearn for it exceedingly, proceeding from strength to strength. Divine Perfection can therefore not be lacking the dimension of perfecting which is the evolving process of perfecting and unfolding power.

This is why divinity has the ability to be creative, to instigate limitless cosmic being and becoming, proceeding through all its levels and stages and growing.

It therefore follows that the essential divine soul of being, that which gives it life, is its constant ascending. That is its divine foundation, which calls it to be and to evolve.

The more science bases itself on evolution, the more it approaches the highest divine enlightenment, and the more it touches the most sublime of visions.

For the entirety of being cannot be judged by its partial relativity, that is to say, by means of the relation between one part and another, for this will not lead us to its true nature.

In truth, its primary inner law is the general relation of its entirety and all of its parts to divine wholeness.

This is the most eminent of all, and the most worthy principle upon which to understand the foundation of all of reality.

Teaching on Evolution

The theory of evolution, which is presently conquering the world, is aligned with the most profound secrets of the Kabbalah, more than any other philosophical theories.

Evolution, which proceeds on an ascending trajectory, provides an optimistic base for the world, for how is it possible to despair when one sees that everything is evolving and ascending?

And when we penetrate the very center of the principle of ascending evolution, we discover that it is the divine principle which is enlightened with absolute clarity. For it is Infinity in realization which realized itself through bringing infinity from infinite potentiality to infinite actuality {infinitely}

Evolution enlightens all dimensions of reality, all of God’s manifestations.

All of reality evolves and ascends, as is evident in its parts, and this ascension is general as well as particular.

It rises to the highest peaks of absolute good.

It is self-evident that good and the whole are interrelated, and reality is prepared to attain this quality, in which the All absorbs all of the good in all its parts.

This is the general ascending, in which all particular parts participate.

No spark is lost from the binding of unity, all are ready for the Great Feast.

To attain this goal the spirit must aspire to sublime divine passion, which is formed by faith-inspired work with God.

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