Since the Minority Always Loses, Is It finally White America’s Turn?

Timothy Wilken

A synergic analysis of modern representative democracy reveals that it is an oliarchy or the rule by the few. The following is an excerpt from my paper Beyond Democracy:

In today’s “FREE” world all political decisions are made using majority rule democracy. The the group deciding may be small, a committee faced with solving some particular problem, or large, the entire voting electorate of a nation choosing a President. Regardless of the size of the group deciding, decision is made when one faction within the group achieves a simple majority. That faction wins, the minority faction loses. Majority rule consensus requires only a simple majority to force the minority, the losing voters to accept the position of the majority, the winning voters. There is no need to gain the agreement of all of the members. There is no need to prevent the minority from losing.

Majority rule democracy of which the committee is the most common example is filled with political intrigue and back room deals to obtain majority consensus and defeat the minority. This often results in the dark art of politics which makes strange bedfellows. Even when the majority wins they are not assured of the cooperation of the minority. Often the minority may only support the elected plan half-heartedly, or even seek to sabotage the plan they didn’t vote for since they feel they are losing anyway.

Compared to the rule by the one of dictatorship,  the rule by the most  of majority rule democracy, appears to be a much fairer way. And fairness is perhaps the greatest value of our American nation.  However, it should now be clear to the reader that while Neutral political-economic systems are better for humanity than Adversary political-economic systems, majority rule democracy is really an Adversary political-economic system pretending to be a Neutral political-economic system. In reality only lip service is given to rule by the most.

What we really have in America, the “freest nation on Earth”, is rule by the few. And, while rule by the few holds some advantage over rule by the one, its advantage does not imply there is nothing better for Humanity.

Barry Carter comments:

“You have definitely hit the nail on the head with this one Timothy. Democracy is inherently flawed for the Information Age. Even at it’s best it is a win/lose system. The majority wins and the minority loses. Here are a couple of additional problems with it:

“1) It is not a system of individual liberty.

“2) Minorities such as Blacks or Indians must always loose in a majority rule system.

“3) It is a dictator system where we merely get to elect the dictators.

“4) It is a system of control.”

Analysis of the 2000 census reveals that for the first time whites will be a minority in California. Since the minority in a representative democracy is always coerced by the majority, the white American may finally begin to understand black and brown American as he finds it’s his turn to lose.

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