Finding Our Way

Future Positive is pleased to announce the association of Barry Carter. Barry is the author of Infinite Wealth and a rising star in the emerging field of synergic science.

In Barry’s own words: Finding Our Way

“We are presently undergoing the greatest transition in the history of humanity. It is a shift that will end poverty, racial division, starvation, war and virtually all of our present social problems.

“Imagine a world of individual liberty, abundance, spiritual maturity and health, where the more we understand and help others the more wealth we create for ourselves. This is the world to which we are presently moving.

“At the core of the new world is an evolving system of work and wealth creation (mass privatization), based upon individual liberty, abundance, spirituality, maturity and health, that aligns our wealth creation values with our spiritual values. Our mission here at WinWinWorld Network is to help actualize the new system of work while offering significant opportunity to thousands of people, thus helping to facilitate the shift into the Win/Win Era.

“The book Infinite Wealth chronicles the current global shift showing how many actions today, by millions of people and thousands of organizations, are leading to the new world. Infinite Wealth is a seminal book defining our transition from the Industrial Age to the Information Age and Wisdom Age and from the Win/Lose Era to the Win/Win Era. History has shown that all social institutions are replaced as society transitions from one era to another. Infinite Wealth reveals the emergence of our new wealth creation system and social institutions for the Win/Win Era and why and how the Industrial Age system is failing. It shows what individuals can do to align with the change and thrive.”

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