BIAS systems – Optimizing Human Performance

Timothy Wilken, MD

I am pleased to announce the formation of  a new synergic organization, BIAS systems, which will offer consultations, training and support on a  continuing basis to those individuals seeking to optimize the  efficiency and productivity within their own organizations. Our primary tool will be the ORTEGRITY.

BIAS systems will be a research based company.  Synergy means working together and synergic science is the study of working together. Our products were developed during twenty years of intensive research on human intelligence, human behavior, human relationships and human wellness working with hundreds of real people in high stress environments and situations.

Our research revealed “that whenever humans experience conflict they lose access to their full intelligence“.  When humans are confronted with conflict, their mind-brains shift to a very primitive and highly reactive way of thinking called the survive mode.  The survive mode evolved in the jungle to insure physical survival.  Its primary skills are fighting and fleeing.  Its extremes are rage and terror.

All humans thinking in the survive mode will find their intelligence to be severely limited.  Access is lost to the faculties of reason and intuition.  In severe conflict, many of us lose even our ability to speak.  Unfortunately, the survive mode turns on with the slightest conflict, and instantly our intelligence begins to decrease.  It is not simply on or off.  It is more like the rheostat dimmer switch controlling a dining room light.  A little conflict will produce a little loss of intelligence, while a large conflict will produce a large loss of intelligence.  If we remain in conflict for weeks, then we will operate at limited intelligence for weeks.  And in full rage of terror, we humans access only a tiny fraction of our potential intelligence.

Since human efficiency and productivity are derivatives of human intelligence, conflict is to organizations as friction is to machinery.

Our initial product is a “system of human organization that creates a conflict-free environment for decision making and action implementation”.  This BIAS environment will be based on the synergic organizing pattern called ORTEGRITY. This is an environment ergometrically engineered to best fit the human mind-brain.

The power of the BIAS environment results from its conflict-free state.  It is this conflict-free state that optimizes human intelligence and creativity.  It is this conflict-free state that maximizes efficiency and productivity.  It is this conflict-free state that increases the quality of work-life.  It is the conflict-free state that allows all relationships between all members to become win-win.

The  BIAS  environment will offer great advantage to all organizations both large and small.

The BIAS environment is installed top down—a  complete installation would begin with the CEO, and move down echelon by echelon to the rest of the organization.  If the environment is elected for only part of an organization i.e. the research and development laboratory, installation would begin with the Director of Research and again move down to rest of the staff.

Installation time could vary from a few weeks for a small organization to several months for a larger organization.  Once installed the BIAS consultant would withdraw leaving the environment under the full control of the client organization.

Additionally, the BIAS environment includes a proprietary compensation & benefits program.  This unique system of compensation and benefits was designed to maximize human motivation. Its dual nature was developed to recognize and reward those who contribute to the success of the organization. It balances both security and incentive—rewards both action and leverage. And is absolutely necessary for the optimization of human productivity.  It was further designed to help organizations attract and keep the highest quality people.

And, thirdly, the BIAS  environment includes a strong support package. Much of the support system will be web based so that consultation and support for our clients will always easily and continuously available. Our products will be under continuous revision and improvement and product upgrades will be frequent and automatic.

Additional products now in final development include:

1) BIAS  intelligence maximization program
While the BIAS environment produces a low stress-low conflict environment, this program focuses on teaching individuals how to optimize their intelligence within high stress-high conflict environments.  It will be of great value to upper level management as well as research and development personnel. We discovered that  humans taught to understand the mechanisms and processes of human intelligence gain the ability to control and increase their own intelligence, as well as the ability to increase and enrich their own creativity. The intelligence optimization program is implemented through a special education-training designed to teach individuals the process of human intelligence in ~ 60 hours of instruction and training.  It provides many different methods, models, procedures, and techniques for the optimization of intelligence and creativity.

2) BIAS  wellness program
 This program focuses on the optimization of individual health within the organization.  Today most organizations suffer enormous losses from the costs of illnesses, sick leave, disability and absenteeism, not to mention on the job use of drugs and alcohol.  By actively managing wellness within the organization, efficiency and productivity can be significantly enhanced.  Our program is designed to integrate into the working environment with a minimum disruption of operational routine.

3) BIAS  childcare program
This program is of greatest value to employers of working mothers.  A major source of stress and conflict for these women is fear and concern for their children’s safety and education. Our program establishes a high quality childcare and educational facility within your organization.   Absenteeism, sick time, and job turn-over are dramatically reduced when the working mother knows her children are safe and well cared for.  Our children’s program makes full use of our human intelligence research to create a state of the art program.

These are the currently envisioned line of initial  BIAS product offerings.

In the current difficult economic environment, organizations  must learn to work smarter. Only by optimizing the human factor can they hope to survive.  We believe BIAS systems represents the leading edge of a new movement in human organization.  Its impact could change the way we all work and live in the future.

BIAS systems will initially be located in Monterey, CA. Those organizations geographically near Monterey including the San Jose, CA area and Silicon Valley will be the first to be offered our products.

BIAS systems is a new organization still in formation. We are seeking allies, associates and financing.

To explore your potential role in the creation of BIAS  systems, please contact  Timothy Wilken, MD.