Beyond Capitalism – Towards the Gift Tensegrity (2)

Timothy Wilken

My focus as a synergic scientist is on understanding how humans can relate together using structures and mechanisms that will insure that all parties to a relationship win. That means that all parties to the relationship feel they are better off with the relationship than they would be without the relationship.

Each participant determines for himself whether a relationship is synergic or adversary. This is determined from his point of view, and he cannot be fooled.

We are either more happy, more effective, more productive because of the relationship; or we are less happy, less effective,less productivebecause of the relationship, or our happiness,effectivenessand productivityis unchangedby the relationship.

The truth is in the eye of the beholder. We can’t be fooled. However, the effect can be partial. There may be relationships that are partially synergic, and/or partially neutral, and/or partially adversary.

True synergyexists when all the participants of a relationship are more happy, more effective, and more productive. True synergy is WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN. I win, you win, others win and the Earth wins.

In today’s world, most humans use monetary exchange and the fair marketto meet their needs. In this paper, I will propose a radically different mechanism that humans could useto meet their needs. I will show that our present system ofmonetary exchangeand fair marketwhile important in the history of our human species and a legitimate part of our
evolution are now obsolete.

I call this new mechanism the gift tensegrity. I will describe this new mechanism in articles, but to understand it we must first examine the concept of tensegrity. Buckminster Fuller studied Universe’s organizing strategies for over fifty years. Of all the synergic patterns in Universe, the most powerful onehe found was the tensegrity. Tensegrity is a contraction of the terms “tension” & “integrity“. A tensegrity is a balanced systemof pushand pull.

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Push & Pull
Tensegrityis the pattern that results when push and pull have a win-win relationship with each other. The pull is continuousand the push is discontinuous. The continuous
is balancedby the discontinuous pushproducing an integrity of tension—compression.

Push and pull seem so common and ordinary in our experience of life that we humans think little of these forces. Most of us assume they are simple opposites. In and out. Back and forth. Force directed in one direction or its opposite.


Fullerexplained that these fundamental phenomena were not opposites, but compliments that could always be found together. He further explained that pushis divergentwhile pull is convergent.