A Wealth Treatment

In the study of Religious Science, you learn a powerful form of affirmative prayer called treatment. The following treatment was created to help increase your personal wealth. Try it, it can change your life.

A Wealth Treatment

Timothy Wilken, MD


Reality is whole—both physical and metaphysical.
Reality is UNITY—both recognized and unrecognized
One Love—One Consciousness—One God.

I am the Individualization of that Oneness.
Right Here, Right Now.
Love in me, as me, is me.
Consciousness in me, as me, is me.
God in me, as me, is me.

I am awake now and know who I am.
I am awake now and know who you are.
We are the same. I am you and you are me.
I am self and I am other.
I am one and I am all.
I am me and I am you.

When I help you, I help myself.
When I help myself, I help you.
When you help me, you help yourself.
When you help yourself, you help me.

Wealth comes to us without effort and without limit.
We place that wealth in service to helping you and to helping me.
We place that wealth in service to the higher good.
That wealth levers our efforts to the benefit of ALL.

That Wealth frees us to serve the One Love,
to serve the One Consciousness,
to serve the One God.

The One Love, the One Consciousness and the One God, are without limit,
and so Wealth comes to us without limit.

For this truth, we are deeply grateful.
We accept our oneness as true and valid.
We accept our unity as here and now.
We accept our wholeness as natural and necessary.

We will do nothing to make this happen.
We trust the One God.

And, so it is. …

Read or speak this treatment,
out loud three times, once a day,
as you do think about those you want to help,