Thinking Globally and Acting Locally

This class is over, but the slides and handouts are still available for downloading.

Future Positive: Humanity’s Synergic Alternative on 3-31-05: Future Positive Slides


The Games of Life: Adversity, Neutrality, and Synergy on 3-24-05: Games of Life Slides
Beyond Blame, Guilt & Punishment on 3-3-05: Beyond Blame, Guilt & Punishment Slides
The World of “IS” and “Ought to Be” on 2- 24-05: The World of “IS” and “Ought to Be” Slides

A Manual for the Dual Mind on 2-17-05: Dual Mind Manual Slides

Self & Other: A Relationship on February 10, 2005: Self & Other Slides

Reality Rules! on 2-3-05: Reality Rules! Slides

Understanding Cancer on 1- 27-05: Understanding Cancer Slides

Controlling Anger in Self & Other on 1-20-05: Controlling Anger Slides & Handout

Understanding Anger & Fear on 1- 13-05: Understanding Anger & Fear Slides, Mastering Calmness Exercise

Understanding Stress on 1-6-05: Understanding Stress Slides, Understanding Stress Handout

A Time for Healing

Timothy Wilken, MD

Thursday Evenings 7:00 to 8:30

Carleton Hall, 400 W. Franklin St., Monterey, CA93940

Achieving Health and Wellness through Adaptive Living~

Health exists when your adaptability is greater than the sum of stressors acting on your mind and body. Disease results whenever the stressors in your life exceed the ability of your mind and body to adapt. Wellness is that powerful state of mind and body that exists when your adaptability consistently exceeds the sum of stressors in your life.

Beginning  Thursday, January 06, 2005, A Time for Healing consists of weekly classes lasting 90 minutes each. The classes are interactive and highly participatory. Activities will include:


* Brief lessons in Health & Wellness

* Practice in Relaxation & Meditation

* Group discussions of lessons and techniques

* Individual instruction and demonstrations

* Guidance for home practice

* Questions and answers


Further, you can be developing and strengthening your adaptive living skills with 30 minutes of daily practice at home or work. All sessions are open to the public and you can simply drop in as time and interest permit. However, those who participate regularly and practice daily can expect to gain control of:


* Calmness and Mindfulness

* Stress and Disease

* Hostility including Anger & Fear

* Your Dual Mind & the Dual World it creates

* Depression & Anxiety

* The Relationship between Yourself & Others


The program is challenging and fun. Dr. Wilken will create a comfortable and supportive environment for learning. With time and practice you will become a master of adaptive living. You will then find that calmness, mindfulness, and intelligent behavior become an automatic part of your life. And, as a master  your need for daily practice will diminish.


A Time for Healing is presented in conjunction with the Monterey Church of Religious Science on a love offering basis. At the close of each class, participants will have the opportunity to make a small donation to help support this program ($10 suggested).


Getting Started: Just show up Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM in the main sanctuary of the Monterey Religious Science Church, 400 West Franklin Street, Monterey, CA 93940.


The church is in the Carleton Hall building at the corner of Pierce and Franklin in downtown Monterey, just behind the Marriott Hotel. Public Parking is available on the streets near the church and across the street on the Monterey Institute of International Studies campus.