Editor's Acknowledgements

I have been helped with this book by far more of my colleagues, students and their friends, and in far more ways that I can list here; but not in more than I can acknowledge and thank you for.

Gil Roschini, Judy Culbertson and Cathy Bruno worked for several evenings on the alphabetical index. Judy repeatedly, after a hard day's work, typed parts of this book all night. Glenn Strait spent many days in New York editing, debating, and correcting technical details. In Paris, Claude typed and retyped the glossary for days. And Neil Winterbottom, abandoning his private pursuits for three months, made hundreds of astute corrections and improvements in the text, compiled the table of contents, the author's biographies, and assembled the alphabetical index. Then he flew to London and helped correct the proofs. During the weeks of this work his family entertained me most kindly and graciously.

Substantial grants were generously donated to expedite publication, so that it could precede the 1972 International Conference on Unified Science: by William L. Wallace, Senior Vice-President of the Olin Corporation, and by Farley Jones, President of the Unification Church, U.S.A. We, the participants from three continents, thank you for this.

And finally we acknowledge our debt to the authors whose works we have cited, quoted, or reproduced, and to their publishers listed in index and references-the intellectual, spiritual, moral, and technical giants who have put their shoulders to this work today and for past decades and centuries--our parents in the hierarchy of intellect.


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