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Understanding Order

Saturday, April 27th, 2002

Timothy Wilken explains: Everything found in Universe has substance and form. The substance is “matter-energy” and the form is “order”. Order is the structure, organization and pattern of that “matter-energy”. Order is as fundamental as “space-time”—as fundamental as “matter-energy”. Order is the third fundamental of Universe. (04/27/02)

Human Synergetics by N. Arthur Coulter, MD

Friday, March 8th, 2002

I have just posted an additional four chapters of the synergic science classic: SYNERGETICS: An Adventure in Human Development. …  Dr. Coulter writes: There is available to every human mind a state of advanced consciousness and well-being that is exciting, vigorous and incredibly beautiful. It is characterized by an expansion of awareness, by an enhancement of rationality and by a remarkable phenomenon called think-feel synergy. This state is called the synergic mode of function. The word “synergy” means, literally, “working together.” In medicine, it has long been used to denote the working together of two or more drugs, or of two or more muscles acting about a joint. Applied to the human mind, “synergy” denotes the working together of the enormous variety of functions that comprise the mind, producing a new whole that is greater than the mere sum of its parts. When the synergic mode turns on, the mind lights up. Perceptions grow more vivid and acute, with “flash-grasp” of complex situations a not infrequent occurrence. Thinking becomes faster, more accurate and remarkably clear. Often thought-trains race along several tracks at once. Actions become more apt and multipurposed, with a high gain-to-effort ratio. Emotional tone ranges from cheerfulness to enthusiasm, with a harmonious blending of thought and emotion that is highly exhilarating. Abilities long dormant or even unsuspected are activated as the wave of synergy surges into the hidden depths of the mind.  (03/08/02)



Sunday, February 24th, 2002

Life’s pattern of organization is the tensegrity, it has been in use on earth for over three and one half billion years. The tensegrity is the basis of organizing all living systems including our own bodies. Up until now we humans have not understood the mechanism and therefore could not use this pattern to organize our marriages, our businesses, our organizations and institutions, our communities, or even the entire human species. Humans who organize themselves using the pattern of tensegrity will find themselves orders of magnitude more efficient, more productive, more creative, more intelligent. More importantly they will be much more successful in pursuing their goals and desires. (02/24/02)

Synergic science is "real" science

Friday, February 1st, 2002

Orville and Wilbur Wright were aeronautical scientists and they had to understand aeronautical science to invent the Aeroplane. However, one doesn’t have to be an aeronautical scientist to ride in an airplane, or for that matter even to fly one. UnCommon Sense is based on the synergic sciences. I have devoted many years of study to the synergic sciences, but this book is not written for me. Most humans living today are not scientists and it is not necessary for them to understand science in order to benefit from it. Nor do they need to be synergic scientists in order to act synergically. (02/01/02)

The future will be different

Thursday, January 31st, 2002

Like the Wright’s aeroplane, the synergic sciences can solve enormous problems for humankind. And, like the Wright’s aeroplane, the synergic sciences can bring many positive and wonderful changes to our lives, but the “how” will be very different from the way things are done today. The synergic sciences present us with a remarkably new view of humanity and of our human potential. This new view may challenge many of your current beliefs and some of your basic values. But this is good news, because without a major change in beliefs and basic values our human problems are not solvable. (01/31/02)

Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth

Wednesday, January 30th, 2002

R. Buckminster Fuller wrote: “I have visited more than three hundred universities and colleges around the world as an invited and appointed professor and have found an increasing number of students who understand all that we have been reviewing. They are comprehending increasingly that elimination of war can only be realized through a design and invention revolution. When it is realized by society that wealth is as much everybody’s as is the air and sunlight, it no longer will be rated as a personal handout for anyone to accept a high standard of living in the form of an annual research and development fellowship. … I have owned successively, since boyhood, fifty-four automobiles. I will never own another. I have not given up driving. I began to leave my cars at airports-never or only infrequently getting back to them. My new pattern requires renting new cars at the airports as needed. I am progressively ceasing to own things, not on a political-schism basis, as for instance Henry George’s ideology, but simply on a practical basis. Possession is becoming progressively burdensome and wasteful and therefore obsolete.”  (01/30/02)


Universal Disarmament

Tuesday, January 29th, 2002

Humans develop evermore powerful knowledge and therefore evermore powerful tools. When tools are used to harm other humans they are called weapons. Since human knowledge can grow without limit then tools themselves can be made without limit. And limitless tools can will produce limitless weapons. … And, limitless weapons (progress) combined with leveraged adversity (warfare) must by all definitions and understanding of science produce human extinction. … The only rational solution is Universal Disarmament. … During a period of moratorium, all humans would be expected to surrender all weapons into the custody of the Life Trust Guardians. Once the moratorium expires, the possession of any weapon outside of a permitted location is prohibited, and is by definition an adversary event. The Life Trust Guardians would dispense Containment Officers to confiscate the weapon or weapons and take those responsible into custody.  (01/29/02)

A Fuller Explanation

Sunday, January 27th, 2002

R. Buckminster Fuller was one of those scientists who lived ahead of his time. It is painful for scientists to live and work ahead of their time. It usually means that they are not supported and end up sacrificing much of their personal life to the support of their own scientific work. Worse than this is the fact that they often work with no opportunity for scientific feedback. They are essentially without peers. Sometimes they will discover a few who understand their work, but often they work in scientific isolation. These scientists who work ahead of their time have no opportunity for dialogue. Without benefit of scientific dialogue, scientists often create an eccentric language and personal semantics to describe their discoveries. These eccentric languages and personal semantics can make understanding their works even more difficult. Fortunately for those who desire to understand Fuller, we have Amy C. Edmondson. (01/27/02) 


Wednesday, January 16th, 2002

Arthur Noll writes — People are interdependent, social beings. We do not, and cannot, live as the independent tiger, or orangutan, coming together only to mate briefly, all child care and education provided by the mother. … This has seemed obvious to me, and probably it is obvious to most, but it is such an important principle to base further observations on, and logically it is often ignored in the present scheme of things, so I think we should look at the reasons. Lets start with your naked body. Can you manage to clothe and feed and shelter this body, with no hands touching any article except your own hands? If you can make your own tools and live independently for just a few weeks or months, this is interesting, but of course real independence would be a lifetime of this, a reproducing lifetime, so it does fall considerably short of the mark. … I have heard people say, that they could live independently if they chose. To those few who feel that way, well, you haven’t chosen that path if you are reading this, so if you want to choose it now, then I think you ought to take off your society made things and go. We will send a biologist to study how you live – if you live.  (01/16/02)

Different Finances for a Different World

Monday, January 14th, 2002

The human world has always been evolving. What is different is the speed, and the acceleration, of the change that is occurring within the span of a single lifetime. Change and evolution are now an integral part of the life of every person and every human institution. Present human institutions and systems ­ economic, financial and political ­ are almost all based on a machine model of static processes that was appropriate for a time when change and evolution were proceeding at a significantly slower pace. Institutions and systems based on a machine model are able to cope and survive only as long as change and evolution are limited in scope. When they are confronted with changes that are too large or come too fast their static processes cannot adapt quickly enough and they break down.  (01/14/02)