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Is There A Solution?

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

RWWNL — Terry Wilken writes: We are started toward a solution we are told. We might believe it had we not been told that before. The problem that we had that they were going to solve was the debt crisis. The debt clock is still going up pretty fast, so I question their solution. Are they going to get us out of this situation, or just make it worse?

We were on our way to higher oil prices. H fixed that by opening the strategic oil preserve. This sent the price of oil down, but at what cost. I guess that H does not understand the definition of the word strategic either. It should be used only in times of “real” crisis. It was effective for a while, but it did not last long.

The price of oil went back up again.  Was this result a surprise? Sometimes decisions made have unintended consequences. I think that has been said here before. This was the wrong solution for a problem that did not exist. I think that the answer to that is YES! The price of oil and gasoline goes up and down based on demand. At least in a free economy.

Now the price of gasoline is going back down. Did we open the tap again? I have not heard any such news. Maybe it is caused by another reason. Maybe it is caused by the increase in unemployment. I have a question to ask you. How many gallons of gasoline would you buy if you did not have a job and did not have to go to work? If less gasoline were bought, do you think that gas prices would go up or down? It is not a trick question. Maybe if H let the economy do its natural thing, problems would cure themselves. I am not saying that unemployment is the answer to high oil and gasoline prices. I am saying that the government needs to get out of the way. They are not the solution. They have created the problem, and now it is time for them to let someone else try to fix it. They have not been able to fix the economic problem for a long time.

Here is someone who had a similar problem and how they have resolved the situation.

This is not a reason to mirror Canada’s policies, but it may be something to look at to see if we can do some of the things that are right. It appears they are heading in the right direction. Did you notice that they were concerned about the deficit first? If we concentrate on that issue and leave the debt to be resolved as another issue. Would we be making headway?  We could resolve the “debt” at some point in the future. Maybe if we resolved the deficit properly, the debt might resolve itself. The Federal government is currently spending more money than we are giving them. It is time that they quit spending or that we quit giving them money to spend. I do not care which we choose at this point. (08/22/08)


GAE4 On Its Way!

Monday, August 15th, 2011

RRWNL — Terry Wilken writes: And just what does GAE stand for? It stands for God Awful Economics. That is what the FED has come up with to replace QE (1, 2 & 3). It is a new way to manipulate the money supply so that they do not have to increase interest rates or buy more treasury bonds. They say they can guarantee low interest rates until at least 2013. Maybe one of the BIG banks told them that if they kept buying Treasuries, they could actually lose money. They may have to actually increase interest rates. This would put the Federal Government in a real pickle, but it would not make the BIG banks happy either.  A Congressman once asked a person from the Fed, who was he and where was he from, and he replied, “I am from the FED and I am here to help you”. I just made that up in case you question my hearing.

If anyone can explain the new Fed policy to me, I for one am anxious to listen.  I think it means that they intend to target specific Treasury bonds in an attempt to keep the interest rates under control. I cannot tell you how this would work or what it would accomplish. I think they are calling for a Hail Mary pass to put it in football speak. I really think they are in desperation mode.

The FED has been enabling the Federal Government so long that they have lost all control of their ability to think and express their intentions in a rational manner. They seem to be learning from the ones that they are enabling. It may have even been part of the agreement that got them in charge of our money supply in the first place. I do not know anything except that secrecy has been a part of their modus operandi. They have the perfect job. They can make as much money as anyone would ever need. They can do anything with the money supply they want. They can do this all in complete secrecy.

The Federal Government has literally kicked the can down the road once again. They knew that they could not agree to a proper resolution to this matter, so they decided to come up with a committee to solve it for them.  Each side picked members that they thought were intransigent in their opinions. This guarantees that it will end up in a tie on most issues.  What a way to govern. This sure seems like a path to failure, but it offers us two more breaths of air.  We can now ‘HOPE’ that someone will ride in on their white horse and save us. It is all that is being held out. We all need that olive branch. We have nothing else to hold on to. (08/15/11)


Let Me Pound the Table

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 — Terry Wilken writes: We have come to the end of our options. It seems that our leaders will just stay with the status quo. That sure seems like a good option. Every idea is immediately turned down.  It just so happens that the dollar is losing its value.  What are we to do? I think that the answer is to change the currency to bitcoins.

Bitcoins have increased in value while all other currencies have gone down in value.

But then I realized if I were a real congress person, I would have to say NO! NO!

We cannot have bit coins as our new currency. Think of all the little people that we would offend. We cannot have that. A little bit of nothing. That sounds bizarre.  We cannot have that. It is too confusing. I would vote NO.

Remember when W started bailing out the auto industry, or at least GM and Chrysler? H took all the credit, but then who would question him. When it happened, I called the White House and asked for H. He was not available, but I told them that since I was now an investor in these auto industries, that I wanted to apply for my stock certificates. I explained that I was a taxpayer and stockholder, and that I thought I should have a say in how they did business in the future. They took my address and told me that they would send me an application if one became available. I still have not seen one yet.

If I had been asked about the taxpayer car business, I would have voted NO on this issue. It might have prevented this.

Not to worry, let’s bring back the suprime loans. If you thing subprime loans are not happening, then guess again. Remember when the housing market needed a kick from behind, so Congress said that the banks had to loan to everyone. Even if the borrowers had no money and bad credit. It created a banking crisis to end all banking crises. The government then bailed out the banks, but they forgot to bail out the homeowners.

Remember TARP? It was supposed to do away with all the toxic assets. The non-performing house mortgages. They just gave the banks money to strengthen their balance sheet. They did not fix anything. Now it is starting all over again. It is good business practice to loan to people that cannot afford to pay you back. Is not this true?

So let’s try subprime auto loans. That sounds like a great idea to me.

No what we need is more QE added to our moribund dollar. That will certainly get the economy moving. All we need is for the government to get busy voting for new stimulus spending or investing in new projects. They can ask the Fed to add more dollars to the mix. That will certainly fix everything. If you thought the Fed was going to quit QE, Then guess again. The Fed cannot stop QE. If they do, interest rates will go up. This will lower the value of their bonds, and not do a good thing for the banks either. If no one wants to buy what you are selling, even if it is money, it is hard to stay in business. Learn more here!

So if you elect me to congress, I promise to vote NO!

I will refuse to come up with any ideas of my own. I will just vote NO. It is better to just pound the table. If I do it right, I will not even hurt my hand. (06/07/11)