No Hurry, We have 9 days left! — Terry Wilken writes: Yes, we have plenty of time. No sense getting in any hurry. That might bring on a panic attack. We have plenty of time to come up with a plan. We are talking about a plan to solve the debt “crisis” so that we can pass a bill to raise the debt ceiling. Now that sure makes sense. We are spending to much money, so the answer is to pass a bill to allow us to spend more.

We have so much time on our hands that we can come up with numerous plans that we know will never come to a vote. Even William Jefferson Clinton has a plan. I will call him J to be consistent and for ease in writing the newsletter. The plan that J has arrived at would provide for a whole series of cuts to the government spending while raising the debt ceiling. The only caveat that he would have is that the cuts would not occur until the recession had come to an end. Now that sure makes sense. Since over spending got us into the recession, it only makes sense to wait until after the recession ends to cut back on the spending. I think I will take that plan for myself. That way I can overspend, and now can continue overspending until I am in better shape. That sure sounds like my kind of plan.

The way the government works is that they will change the way recessions are shown on the books, and we will be in a recession for the next 29 years. That way we can keep on doing what we have been for quite a while. They have changed the way inflation is calculated already. So what is the difference? Where did he get his economics training? From the same school that W and H went to? Oh yes, he is also a politician. I should have thought of that.

We now have several plans on the table. We have a baby plan, a Mommy plan, and a Daddy plan. Plus several others that shall remain nameless, This is a family newsletter after all.

We must tackle this problem now, or the world will come crumbling down. Have we not heard that before? This happened over two years ago, and now we have added a few more trillion dollars to our debt. The issues were not resolved. In fact, the problems may have gotten worse.  We waited until the last day to resolve the last problem. The bill that was passed was huge. We were even told that the bill had to be passed so that we would know what was in it. No congressman or senator that I saw on TV or read about in the paper had the time or patience to read the bill to see what it said.

Are we going to go through the same cycle again? I for one, certainly hope not. We need to cut spending. That is priority one. The spending needs to be cut now. Not in 10 or 20 years. Once we have cut the spending, we can get on to other issues.  We can start by not spending what is left in the stimulus bill; if there is anything left. Then we can stop earmarks. Then we can cut every item in the budget by a certain percentage, and leave it there until we recover. Am I dreaming? I am sorry, but I got rational there for a minute. I will take a break and try to recover. I need to rest for a week or two. Maybe this was just a bad dream. (o7/24/11)