Understanding Order

Haskell's Co-Action TableTimothy Wilken, MD writes: All ‘whole-parts’ in ‘space-time’ have substance and form. The substance is ‘matterenergy’, and form is the ‘order’. Order is relationship—the pattern, organization and form of that ‘matter-energy’. Jules Henri PoincarÈ explained in 1908: “Science is built up of facts, as a house is with stones. But a collection of facts is no more a science than a heap of stones is a house.” It is the order, pattern, organization, form and relationship of the facts that make a science; and the order, pattern, organization, form and relationship of the stones that make a house. An understanding of this concept of order—pattern, organization, form and relationship; and its compliment concept disorder—patternlessness, disorganization, formlessness; and relationshiplessness that is essential to a full understanding Universe. Understanding order begins with understanding pattern. … Our human bodies are constantly being torn down and rebuilt. The ‘order’ of our bodies is the result of what Fuller calls the pattern integrity. The design for this pattern integrity is contained within our DNA. Our DNA holds the blueprint for the manufacture and remanufacture of our bodies, and this process is a continuing one that never stops from conception until death. It is process that allows for growth and repair of injuries as well as recovery from illnesses. Within in any ‘whole-part’ order can be increasing—increasing order is called syntropy, Or, within in any ‘whole-part’ order can be decreasing—decreasing order is called entropy. Or, within in any ‘whole-part’ order can be stagnant—order that is not changing is called atropy. Syntropy, entropy, and atropy are encountered in Universe as the result of synergy, adversity, and neutrality. … It now appears, and this is argued by both Lancelot Whyte and George Land, that entropy and syntropy exist at every stage of process. Although entropy predominates in ‘dead’ Universe — light, particles, atoms, and simple molecules, syntropy exists there as well. And while, syntropy predominates in ‘live’ Universe — complex molecules, plants, animals, and humans, entropy exists there as well. The entropy phenomenon has been studied for over one hundred years, while the syntropy phenomenon is only now beginning to attract the systematic attention due to as far reaching a phenomenon as this. In Nature, syntropy is the force towards unity. Syntropy exists within our bodies and minds. This is what gives birth to our humans having the greatest potential in Universe. If we are to develop our potential, we must understand synergy. Understanding ourselves will require that we understand ‘wholes’. And while the understanding we have gained from examining the ‘parts’ — from our reductionistic science — has been indeed powerful, it is helpless to reveal the greater truth about ourselves and our Universe. …  In the co-Action table of possible relationships, it is important to be mindful that the minus signs represent loss(of order)and not negative integers. The plus signs represent gain(of order) and not positive integers. And, the zeroes represent states of no change (of order), rather than an integer with no content.  (02/25/05)

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