Seeking a Definition of Disease

Timothy Wilken, MD writes: Since the beginning of medicine, physicians have sought an understanding of the cause and definition of disease. They have not been very successful in finding either. My personal search led to examine stress. Dr. Hans Selye discusses the definition of Stress at length in many writings. His simplest and most generally accepted definition is: “The non-specific response of the body to any demand.” Selye further defines stressor as: “that which produces stress.” … My search eventually led me to develop the Unified Stress Concept a scientific model which seeks to explain the relationship of all disease, both physiological and psychological, to a single cause. … Disease results within a living system whenever the system’s stressor adaptability (the total ability of the living system to adapt to stressors) is exceeded by the sum of the stressors acting upon the system. Disease —> when (sa – s) < 0  (where sa represents stressor adaptability and s represents stressors). … This corroborates the mind-body unification and sets a clear direction for future medicine. It could further lead to a new understanding of life, health, and wellness that would result in the eventual control and elimination most diseases and illnesses that currently afflict humankind. (08/07/03)

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